Our Values

These values describe the core of who we are. They inform our daily decisions and shape our culture, goals, and vision. As a member of the Shift team these should be the tenets that support your work and the dynamic you have with the Shift team.

We put customers first, and we are motivated by their needs.

  • We recognize that our business is built on relationships and we demonstrate our commitment every day to the needs of our customers which leads to lasting relationships.

We value resourcefulness, and we prefer iteration over perfection and decisiveness to over-analysis.

  • We prototype new features and test assumptions before we harden functionality code.

  • We embrace new ideas and opportunities and are not afraid to experiment.

  • We recognize and acknowledge failure early and move on quickly.

  • We have a culture of self-starters that don’t wait to be told what to do, but are quick to ask for guidance if they get stuck.

  • We are frugal and find ways to solve a problems before committing financial resources.

  • We look for the most direct path to a solution.

  • We carefully consider our options when making financial decisions.

We strive to create exceptional work and adhere to a high standard of quality for our work product.

  • We challenge our assumptions and use an iterative process to achieve quality.

  • We are guided by our customers, our deep understanding of our craft, and our determination - not by competitors

We value openness, honesty, and directness in our daily interactions with each other, our customers, and our partners.

  • We understand that disagreement is natural and healthy.

  • We understand that where we have disagreements with each other, talking directly to each other with respect is the best way to resolve those differences and move forward

We make room in our lives for family, friends and time away from work.

  • We firmly believe in “work hard, play hard”.

  • We understand that there are times business needs impinge on the rest of our lives, but we also support each other in finding time to enjoy life outside of work.

We are collaborative with each other, our customers, and our partners.

  • We encourage open, honest dialog across the company.

  • Our team members should feel empowered to voice their opinions - no idea is bad, no suggestion unheard.

  • We recognize the need to educate each other on our industry and the business of content creation.

We respect each other, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable to these values and our promises.

  • We are not afraid of opposing viewpoints and value passionate, respectful discourse.

  • We aim to deliver on our promises on time and budget.

  • We take responsibility for our failures, correct them, and share our learnings with others.