Senior Front End Engineer

SHIFT is looking for an experienced product focused Front End Engineer. We're looking for someone who can contribute to maintaining and improving our architecture and processes as well as developing new features for our customers. An ideal candidate will have experience building and maintaining large, complex web and desktop applications in a modern browser stack.

The ultimate goal of this position is to build delightful browser and desktop applications.


  • Always ask if the users is happy

  • Understand our users, their problems, and the resulting opportunities

  • Regularly wonder about the health of your apps in production

  • Design practical solutions to difficult problems

  • Write code that is delightful to read

  • Passionately contribute to an awesome team

  • Confident with common design patterns

Tech Stack

  • React

  • Redux

  • Redux Sagas

  • Typescript

  • Styled Components


GMT-4 to GMT+3

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